FairCoin Wallets

Get your wallet and start using FairCoins today!

You need a digital or paper wallet to store and spend your FairCoins. Some wallets can manage several addresses.

You can use FairCoin now. With the switch to the new Proof-of-Cooperation blockchain on July 18th 2017, you need to update your wallet. You will keep all your assets.


FairCoin Android Wallet

Mobile FairCoin Wallet

Android Wallet: Download from Google Play Store or from here directly  (may require to allow to install from foreign source).

If a transaction gets stuck in your Android Wallet it's most probably for this reason: it only get sent if the FairCoin wallet app has established at least 6 connections (4 on low memory devices) to other nodes. You can bypass this security limitation by opening your wallet, switch to airplain mode, wait 10 seconds and quit airplane mode again. As soon as your phone is connected to the internet again it will send the transaction.

iOS Wallet: Not yet available. If you are a programmer and want to help on that task, a good starting point may be to adapt copay.


Web based wallet

Another simple way to set up your wallet is to sign up with HolyTransaction. It is hosted by a provider, whom you need to trust. We recommend to use it only for small change for your daily business or for testing.

BankOfTheCommons.coop is also offering a FairCoin wallet and gives you a mechanism to transfer Euros to and from any bank account.


Light weight wallet for FairCoin

Electrum for FairCoin can be downloaded from here: https://download.faircoin.world/

Electrum for FairCoin is a secure and easy to use wallet for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android.


FairCoin Client Node Wallet

FairCoin Full Node Client software

This is the wallet with most features. You can download it for Linux, Windows, Mac and Pi from download.faircoin.world.

After starting a node the first time, it takes some time until all blocks have been loaded.


Sources for FairCoin Core Client

All our clients are open source software, which allows you to study, adapt or re-distribute it.

Github Repository: https://github.com/faircoin/faircoin


Wallet first run

If you install a fresh wallet it takes some time to download all the blocks. You can not send transactions until this process has completed.


Wallet Backup

Please note that it is very important to backup your wallet on a regular basis. You can do this by selecting Backup Wallet from the file menu and then save your wallet backup file in a save location.

It is also highly recommended to encrypt your wallet to save your coins from unauthorized access. You can do this by selecting Encrypt Wallet... from the file menu. Please use a very strong passphrase to sufficiently protect your coins.

See this hint on how to create a secure password:, which you can remember. For storing and managing all your passwords we recommend keepass (available for all platforms).


Wallet Transfer

You run a Core Wallet and have your wallet.dat stored on an external disk or change your computer and want to get back the FairCoins? Simply replace the wallet.dat file . If you use a Core Wallet on Linux, it is situated in the ~/.faircoin2 folder.

If you use an Electrum Wallet, you can use it from several computers, just enter the phrase.


Wallet Troubleshooting

With a full client, make sure your firewall allows Port 40404.

If your wallet says: "no block source available" try this:

  • stop the wallet
  • locate the data directory: ~/Library/Application Support/faircoin2
  • check if there is a file called banlist.dat
  • if yes: delete it
  • start the wallet again



Thomas König

Partner at LinuxIT, IT-Consulting, Cryptocurrencies, Java Development, Head Developer FairCoin.