FairCoin Hackathon May 26 - June 12 2019 in Switzerland

From May 26th to June 12th we'll gather on Mont-Soleil to work on building tools for the emerging fair ecosystem. During these days we aim to reset base around a collective development roadmap for the next 2-3 years. Your presence is important, as we will agree on a common path, where possible, so when we are back home, we continue working on the same synergetic line, making progress more efficient for everyone.

Of central importance in this will be the FairHackathon during the days of May 31st to June 9th, where we focus on the broadening our collective understanding of the key technologies in our software stack and hack together on improvements and developing our skills peer to peer. We'll share knowledge about how to build and enhance the wallets software and how to develop applications around them with the available libraries and APIs.

In the days before and after that hackathon, we focus more on the application needs and feature requirements which will help manifest the best flow for people participating in the fair ecosystem. This will include the models and solutions for aspects such as achieving translocal economic fairness, grassroots governance and strengthening the web of trust in the fair economy.

Anybody with a shared interest to help transform society towards embracing a fair ecosystem is welcome to join us during these days. There are no special skill requirements, as we will help each other to enhance our skills peer to peer. Besides poeple with technical skills, participants that are more intersted in the usability and conceptual functionality are equally welcome to join us.

This is an opportunity for you to get more developers working with the code you have been developing and it is an opportunity to get broader support to help create the tools you feel have been missing.

The tech topics we will be covering include:

  • Faircoin: Social wallet, Coopshares, Coopshares wallet, Payment gateways (ERPnext, Woocommerce, ...), working with FairCoin related wallets, libraries and APIs
  • Faircoop: Use Farcoin, Fair Market (as "openbazaar"), OCP/Shroom/CommonsPub
  • Maintenance, sysadmins and backups access and strategy
  • Distributed backends, dev, staging & production environments management and servers provisioning
  • Developing new proof of concept apps building on our available software stack and APIs

We will also coordinate some global online working times for remote participation. Which topics are covered on each day will be adjusted to the interest and desired focus of the participants present on any given day. We may split into two or more groups at times to work on different subjects the same day.

If you are interested to join this FairHackathon, please fill in the form here and you will receive more detailed information. There is also a nice side program with concerts.

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