People who use and work with FairCoin

Activists around the globe support the development of FairCoins and promote its usage.

We meet every 3rd Thursday at the general assembly chat channel and discuss strategies and make decisions.

If you would like to help, there is a plenty to do: translations, code review, graphical work or supporting users. You may join at one of our chat groups or pick up an open issue.

Here are the voices and faces of some people, who are active in the FairCoop ecosystem:

Robin Hood of the banks

Enric Duran

The "Occupy Movement" tought us much about unequality. With, he has taken the lead to build an ecosystem for a global alternative economy. FairCoin is the currency, they prefer to use in all business relations.

Towards a more fair society


What I feel is that with Faircoin, and for the first time in our history, we the people have the opportunity to choose by ourselves what kind of economic system we want freely and that remains in our hands.

Building a grassroots economy


FairCoin is liberating people from the modern global economic system which rules almost every aspect of our lives.

FairCoin is really hard to fork

FairCoin supporter

FairCoin is one of the only cryptos now that is incredibly hard to hard fork (because it is hard to hard fork a global grassroots movement or a cooperative community).

Roland Alton

Communication, Social Design & IT Infrastructure

When I met Tom and Enric in 2016, I got infected with the vision, to create a better blockchain technology. I have been discussing, review, testing, redesigning and writing a lot - and got the webmaster of We have succeeded migrating the blockchain on July 18th 2017 and now can build on top of it many more projects or sidechains.

Thomas König

Partner at LinuxIT, IT-Consulting, Cryptocurrencies, Java Development, Head Developer FairCoin.