FairCoin Exchange

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Fair.Coop exchange

Buy FairCoins directly with credit card, PayPal or wire transfer at getFairCoin.net and support a cooperative economy.

Fair.Coop uses the budget to buy FairCoins on markets (to stabilize the price), fund selected projects and to cover expenses for development and communication of the Fair.Coop ecosystem (see e.g. their 4Qu2016 report). Fair.Coop people have bought a lot of FairCoins in 2015 when the price was rather low. They have saved them to be used to finance various funds by selling small portions of those funds for dedicated projects.


Local Nodes

Find people who are using FairCoins on use.fair-coin.org and offer them products, services or fiat money to get FairCoins.



FairCoin can also be acquired through exchanges. The pricing is based on market speculation. You first have to buy BitCoins and then may sell them for FairCoins.

BITTREX is a centralised exchange service provider
bitsquare is a decentralised exchange software which you install on your desktop (uses TOR)



Compare FairCoin with BitCoin or other AltCoins at Cryptrader.


Block explorers

Our block explorer shows all FairCoin transactions in the public blockchain. Needs some deeper knowledge in cryptocurrencies to understand this "public ledger".

Here is the block exporer for FairCoin2 (still shows just the test chain as of Feb 2017, mostly CVNs).


Connected Nodes

For FairCoin1 here you can see which wallets and nodes are currently connected.