Meet us!

Gathering at Summercamps and Hackathons

Dozens of supporters coordinate their work in chat groups and issue trackers. Sometimes we meet physically or pop up at meetups.

Here is a list of upcoming and past events. If you want to invite a FairCoin core team member for your meet-up, for consulting or a presentation drop us a message.


Linuxday Dornbirn

The annual open source event in the western part of Austria near the swiss and german border offers workshops, talks and an exhibition. This year FairCoin will have its own booth and the core developer and inventor of the "Proof-of-Cooperation" consensus mechanics Thomas König will attend.

When? 2017-12-02  9-17h - free entrance

Program and location:

Facebook event:


FairCoin 2017 Hackathon

We offer to organise a hackathon to work together on open FairCoin tasks around the Linuxday. Focus is iOS wallet and integrations.

When? 2017-11-31 until 2017-12-03 - depending on the participants' availability


Chat group:

Travel expenses can be covered from the FairCoin foundation fund.


FairCoin Workshop London

Saturday 20th January 2018, Somerset House Studios

organised by



Blockchain Meet-up Tirol

planned for January 2018


Past events

Summercamp 2017