FairCoin use cases

Many application areas for FairCoin already exist and are further developed.

How to use FairCoin in an independent economy.

Shops, bars and restaurants

If you are running one of these businesses you can easily accept FairCoin as payments for the bills. This is already happening in some places in Europe, especiall in Spain and Greece. Look at the list of places accepting FairCoins here: http://use.fair-coin.org

Salary and income:

If you are self-employed worker you can offer your digital and non-digital services and products for FairCoin through the faircoop legal tool Freedom Coop.

Or offer your products and services for Faircoins to the online world. You can use our FairMarket as a tool to get an income.

Substitute for a bank account

FairCoin as part of the FairCoop Ecosystem supports the independence from authorities minimal banks and states interference. Therefore a Faircoin Wallet can be especially useful for refugees without official documentation, who have difficulties to get a bank account or for people who wish to minimize their activities inside the current economic system. Look also in the alternative banking services of Freedomcoop.

Personal savings

FairCoins can also be used as a store of value and therefore as personal savings. By doing so savers support the FairCoin and FairCoop ecosystem to raise and stabilize the price at a higher level and make our economic impact and force stronger.

Donations to supporters

Donations can be send directly to Culture/Science/Food/Energy/Education/Solidarity Projects who accept FairCoin as currency. Therefore they can build liquidity to support them and make those Project happen. You can find them here in our UseFaircoin Website. If you are a nonprofit organisation, be aware of this campaign to receive your first FairCoins.

Donations to FairCoop Funds:

You can donate Faircoins to the different FairCoop Funds where the redistribution to different projects is going to be decided by the FairCoop community.

Send & exchange Faircoins worldwide

With FairCoin you can send money fast and cheap around the world to any individual who is running their own FairCoin Wallet. If the recipient has a local node close by it's even possible to exchange easily to other local/social currencies and fiat currencies.
If the recipient has a FairCoin Mobile wallet installed s/he can receive Faircoins on the way and convert them with the tool "fairtoearth" to Euro  on 10.000 ATMs in Spain and to Zloty at 4000 ATMs in Poland throug hthe Halcash system. Additionally, it can be used in 70,000 stores and 10,000 ATMs for cashing through the Telepay network in Mexico.


If you want to organize a festival, which is in line with FairCoop principles you could 1) accept Faircoins as donations to make it possible and 2) let people use FairCoin for ticket payment and for products and services offered during the festival. The fairpay POS and cards are the appropiated tool for it.

Workshops & courses

If you run a workshop or course, which is related to the alternative economy, alternative education, integral cooperativism or similar topics you could accept Faircoins as allowance or donations from your participants.

Local economic networks

The local economy is crucial to close the economic circle and have a real usability for the people to pay for products and services in their everyday life without the necessity to convert to other currencies. Therefore local street markets and cooperatives (especially integral cooperatives) who widely accept FairCoin will be important for an independent and self-managed life of the individuals and communities. See one example in Heraklion, Greece.

MCSE - Mutual Credit Support Exchange

A handscraft initiative in Portugal needed to buy some tools to produce wood made products. In February 2017 they have asked on the Fair.Coop telegram group, who could give them a loan of € 250.- to buy them. They offered 5000 FairCoins and agreed with a person to pay back, each month € 50.-. The loan giver would in turn send back 800 FairCoins per month. The transfer has been organized with IBAN bank accounts (no fees are talen within countries of the European Union).


Follow this presentation about the relation of FairCoop and FairCoin.