FairCoin tasks 2022

2022/01/21 - 9:34pm

As a result of the wintercamp, we have planned areas to work on in 2022.

FairCoin Winter Camp

2021/12/30 - 4:06pm

We meet on some years during year change 2021/2022 on fairmeeting to discuss the current state and future of FairCoin.

Read our pads with our notes:

Faircoin listed in Vindax exchange

2021/02/24 - 4:59am

Launched in Mar 2019, VinDAX (Vin Digital Asset Exchange platform) is a centralized exchange based in Vietnam.

We are pleased to announce that FairCoin is now available on the Vindax exchange, we keep working to improve the FairCoin economy.

Fair Ecosystem Gathering 2020

2020/06/19 - 8:51pm

Address: Décentrale, Mont-Soleil 59, 2610 Mont-Soleil, Switzerland

Start Date: 17th July 2020
End Date: 31st July 2020

Blockchain and Trust workshop

2019/11/25 - 2:39pm

The communication team at fairkom has been invited to a workshop of the Austrian Blockchain Centre. Various aspects and application fields have been discussed.

FairCoin in Binance?

2019/06/03 - 3:19pm

The major crypto exchange site Binance has replaced listing fees with voluntary charitable contributions, so FairCoin has applied to be listed on it.


FairCoin Hackathon May 26 - June 12 2019 in Switzerland

2019/05/18 - 11:33am

From May 26th to June 12th we'll gather on Mont-Soleil to work on building tools for the emerging fair ecosystem. During these days we aim to reset base around a collective development roadmap for the next 2-3 years.

UseFairCoin is alive and kicking again

2019/04/09 - 10:26am

Thanks to the collaborative work of several Fair Coop participants we are proud to announce that the new version of UseFaircoin is up and running again, and we can now freely add all shops and services accepting FairCoin worldwide.    

FairCoin at unblock3d conference on blockchain & sustainability

2019/04/02 - 2:27pm

We have been invited to present FairCoin and FairChains at the unblock3d conference at 1st of April 2019 at the University of Economy in Vienna.

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