FairCoin2 development update

Hi all!

This is an update about the latest development around FairCoin2.

The core wallet received some more fixes and further optimisations, the internal data structures and the RPC-API can be considered final, and it runs very stable on different kinds of hardware and operating systems. The CVN operators on the current test blockchain do a great job in managing and updating their systems to keep them up and running all the time. Thanks guys, you're awesome!

We are still awaiting a peer review of the PoC code and have contacted several potential candidates. Unfortunately, it is very unsure if and to what degree the code audit will be performed. I believe that we will need funding for this because it's a very difficult job and only a few people are able to do it.

There is still some optimisation potential left in the field of signature distribution in extreme situations. Priority is rather low.

Currently, I'm working on the chain admin interface and admin multi signature including Fasito support for chain admins.

Over the past weeks I have been working on the Android wallet which can be considered final and is currently being beta-tested. Currently no open issues. Last thing to do is the in-place update of the FairCoin1 wallet data.

The upstream developers of the Electrum server are very busy with further development. I managed to add FairCoin in the upstream code base so we actually don't have to manage our own.

The FairCoin Electrum client version is currently at 2.7.18 whereas the upstream version is already at 2.8.2. So, we're lagging a little bit behind here, but for the launch I'm sure we will be ready with the latest version.

The block explorer has been optimised and updated to reflect the latest changes of the core protocol.

Luckily, there is close to zero translation work needed because all software is already translated by the upstream projects. I just replaced Bitcoin with FairCoin in the three wallets and everything looks good so far.

Thanks for your attention!


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