New wallets in the making

Three people are working on additional FairCoin tools.

Arno is adapting omnilayer to work with FairCoin. This will allow us to offer web wallets and smart contracts on top of the FairCoin blockchain.

Niklas is working on a new block explorer, which allows tagging of addresses and spam in the blockchain. Even spam could never be deleted from a blockchain and happily is not an issue yet, we get a tool to detect it early and flag it.

Dani reported in the faircoin-development chat group:

- I refactored an electrum client module written in typescript so that I can add websocket support to it, test it heavily and generate the JSON-RPC APIs from static XML files

- I rewrote the entire core wallet module in Typescript and in a much modular way, and the current codebase is both much more testeable (that means improved security and maintainability) and final (it won't go through another major rewrite any time soon)

- BIP49 accounts (addresses), transaction history and balance are implemented and almost final

- The main parts of the interface have been redesigned and prototyped through interactive mockups, and now they are pretty close to their final form

- The interface's development has been restarted based on the final mockups

- Work on the implementation of websockets in electrumx has been started

There's still quite some work that needs to be done, but I would expect a very basic, buggy and incomplete working alpha for the end of the month (only Android).

They will open-source everything once the alpha is out.

Dani lives in Spain and Arno and Niklas are master students of computer science at the Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences. They will present their work at their public final exams on September 14th 2018.  The photo shows them talking with Thomas, the FairCoin core developer at the campus garden.

In parallel, we are discussing in the FairCoin economic strategies group two ways of binding FairCoins to the value which people have spent when buying them. Option one is based on tokens, option two is about introducing colored coins. On this pad various means to stabilize the FairCoin prize are listed. Helping hands wanted, as soon as we reached consensus which route we take.

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