Summercamp in Switzerland

2017/08/27 - 6:57am

About 40 people from the and FairCoin communities meet in the Jura Alps at a Summercamp (link is external) to review and plan the next steps for developing an ethical economic ecos

Why forking does not matter FairCoin

2017/08/01 - 5:22pm

On August 1st afternoon, the Bitcoin Cash (BCC) fork has happened. Their clients do not accept any block with a height greater than 478558 from the BTC network.

FairCoin Migration successful!

2017/07/18 - 10:45pm

On July 18th, 2017 at 18:07 CEST all coins have been transferred from the old to the new blockchain. Block 160 of the blockchain shows this specific payload (in 14 transactions).

PoC detailled migration schedule

2017/07/17 - 8:13pm

On July 18th 2017, at 10:00 CEST the new blockchain will start. Shortly after that chain admins can download the final release of the FairCoin2 wallet. The FairCoin2 wallet we've been using so far can not be used as it is beta software and does not work on the real blockchain.

Deflation in FairCoin: good or bad?

2017/07/03 - 7:44am

This weekend we had the opportunity to present FairCoin at the "Smart Country ThinkCamp" in the rural area Südburgenland in the village Bildein at the Austrian / Hungarian border.

FairCoin launching Proof-of-Cooperation on July 18th

2017/06/24 - 11:19pm

After two years of preparation and a lot of testing, FairCoin is now ready to move from Proof-of-Stake to the Proof-of-Cooperation mechanism. 

FairCoin Market demand in April2017

FairCoin is rising!

2017/05/13 - 10:48am

After almost 2 years, where all users of FairCoin, have been accustomed to an exchange rate of 0,05 € (20 Faircoin = 1 €), FairCoop' assembly has decided to raise that to 0,0667 € (15 FairCoin = 1 €) and after another market demand peak to 1:10 (10 FairCoin = 1

FairCoin2 development update

2017/04/08 - 10:00pm

Hi all!

This is an update about the latest development around FairCoin2.

Stability in Blockchains with Cooperation

2017/03/26 - 9:41pm

The race about next Bitcoin has started, and Faircoin is among the frontrunners.

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