Building the next generation shareholder toolkit for coops

2019/04/01 - 2:28pm

Crowdfunded equity solutions are expanding in the current digital era, right now with the acceleration provided by blockchain, decentralized technologies and ICO campaigns. The possibilities are emerging and the public have different kind of interests.

Happy green bday, FairCoin!

2019/03/12 - 1:18pm

 FairCoin has just turned 5! On such an occasion, let's remember that while cryptocurrencies are far from being ecological by default, FairCoin bypasses this critical issue by using an alternative blockchain design which preserves the environment

FairCoin Strategy Proposals Review

2019/01/18 - 8:14am

The FairCoin strategy meeting reviewed and discussed ten strategy proposals. Eight people from the FairCoop community attended on January 16th 2019 face to face and virtually.

FairCoin and social currencies

2018/11/09 - 7:53pm

Author: Sam Dallyn and Kapis

In this post, we analyse the early experiences of building links between FairCoin and some local social currencies and also explore the possibilities of building on these interconnections to develop an alternative and fair ecosystem.

Freedom coop

Join Freedom Coop

2018/10/25 - 9:27am

A tool that helps self-employed people break free from the control of the State and gives them an opportunity to help build and sustain this big, self-managed ecosystem. Freedom Coop serves as an alternative to using your time and labour to generate fuel for the representatives of this predatory capitalistic system which is dominant in almost every country.

FairCoin 2: Revision of one of the most promising cryptocurrencies

2018/10/05 - 6:34pm

It has been more than a year since the launch of FairCoin 2, and we are proud to have supported the first cryptocurrency that is truly democratically managed and resource-saving, based on the Proof-of-Cooperation blockchain. Until now, it has been running without technical problems, so congratulations to our developers! If you still don't know much about this, here are some facts that can help you better understand what makes this cryptocurrency unique.

faircoop 4 aniversary

FairCoop's fourth anniversary is coming and we invite you to celebrate it with us

2018/09/14 - 11:31am

Next Monday, September 17, we have a triple celebration at FairCoop. In addition to being the fourth year of the ecosystem life and the 10th anniversary of Enric Duran's action to highlight the fiat money scam, we want to officially present our FairCoop school on the GCAS platform. 


Arbúcies, an evolving experiment in new forms of radicalism for the 21st century

2018/08/21 - 12:00am

Author: Alexander R. Hufford

The endeavour of FairCoop, to enhance the networking of cooperative movements of the solidarity economy across regions and borders, and one of its most well-known tools, the digital currency FairCoin, have both reached a new level of success with the recent acceptance by the municipality of Arbúcies, in Catalonia, of payment in FairCoin for various services. Overall, understanding this development means coming to grips with the profound changes in societal structure and the advent of new technologies in the 21st century, instead of denying them or remaining stuck in ideological abstractions drawn from forever- past models of revolt.

New wallets in the making

2018/07/06 - 3:08pm

Three people are working on additional FairCoin tools.

Arno is adapting omnilayer to work with FairCoin. This will allow us to offer web wallets and smart contracts on top of the FairCoin blockchain.

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