Building an economy based on cooperation

Enabling Equality and a Fair Economy

FairCoin is a global digital currency that promotes cooperative values. Faircoin will always strive to have low to no fees for the end user. An ATM machine works really well when there are zero fees... right? Unless there are strong ethics at the core of a currency, you will always have greed, which will wreck it for the end user.

With the support of, FairCoin implements fair value exchange on a global level. By implementing the Proof-of-Cooperation innovation in 2017, FairCoin will become the most ecological and resilient cryptocurrency.

  • Ecological: very low power consumption for transaction control
  • Safe: Certified Validation Nodes
  • Fast: Transaction confirmation each three minutes
  • Ethical: Supports fair business






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Austrian School of Economists

Friedrich August von Hayek

Let currencies float and not being controlled by central banks! 1976, the Austrian Nobel prize winner Friedrich Hayek wrote a book on "Denationalisation of Money: An Analysis of the Theory and Practice of Concurrent Currencies".

Robin Hood of the banks

Enric Duran

The "Occupy Movement" tought us much about unequality. With, he has taken the lead to build an ecosystem for a global alternative economy. FairCoin is the currency, they prefer to use in all business relations.

Towards a more fair society


What I feel is that with Faircoin, and for the first time in our history, we the people have the opportunity to choose by ourselves what kind of economic system we want freely and that remains in our hands.

Building a grassroots economy


FairCoin is liberating people from the modern global economic system which rules almost every aspect of our lives.

Real values


With faircoin I will support people who are caring for the earth, nature, animals and humans and I have a better feeling, by supporting this.