Promotes Equality and a Fair Economy.
FairCoin is endorsed by FairCoop, the Earth cooperative for a fair economy.

FairCoin features PoC (proof-of-cooperation)!
Read the 2nd edition of the FairCoin V2.0 white paper.

What is FairCoin?

handshake All current cryptocurrencies require you to buy the coins, either through mining or through exchanges. This gives the advantage to those who already have capital and mining equipment, and can afford risky investments. FairCoin is the first project where the coins are not bought but rather distributed equally between everyone who wants them regardless of their current financial status, and promotes equality.

FairCoin is a crypto currency like Bitcoin. It is a descendant of Peercoin, meaning the block generation is done by PoW/PoS hybrid.

Initial Distribution:

crowdFairCoin is a decentralised virtual currency, distributed through a vast airdrop process during the 6th and 8th of March, 2014 (view airdrop statistics). An approximate 49,750 addresses were logged for the giveaway, each able to claim 1000 FAIR per hour. Automated airdrop claiming methods had no effect, as each IP address could register once per hour, and 2 different captchas had to be solved. These security precautions were hidden till the day of distribution. FairCoin's vast distribution method allowed a good portion of the cryptocurrency community to claim a little bit of the 50,000,000 FairCoins, each.


Choose your FairCoin wallet

FairCoin Core Client (full node)

Linux: faircoin-linux-v1.5.2.tar.bz2 (sha1sum: 3cb741b3cc8d3d67664ef818714e323be65a8758)

Windows: faircoin-win-v1.5.2.zip (sha1sum: 5c0338ad1bcdaac77fe81bea2fc0aee067b09dc0)

Mac: FairCoin-v1.5.2.dmg (sha1sum: 433922e3e8012026a664dfca6b87f1993f522b2b)

Raspberry PI: faircoin-rpi-v1.5.2.tar.bz2 (sha1sum: eb18bdfeece5cfde7478cefbb79e57fc947d24c0)

Mobile FairCoin Wallet

Android: https://fair.to/androidwallet

Light weight Electrum wallet for FairCoin

Electrum for FairCoin: https://electrum.fair-coin.org/

Sources for FairCoin Core Client

Sources: https://github.com/FairCoinTeam/fair-coin.git (For current version checkout branch/tag v1.5.2)

Wallet Backup:

Please note that it is very important to backup your wallet on a regular basis. You can do this by selecting Backup Wallet from the file menu and then save your wallet backup file in a save location.

It is also highly recommended to encrypt your wallet to save your coins from unauthorized access. You can do this by selecting Encrypt Wallet... from the file menu. Please use a very strong passphrase to sufficiently protect your coins.

See here for assistance on how to create a secure password: How you can create a secure password you can remember.

Block explorers:

https://chain.fair-coin.org/chain/FairCoin (Official)
A new block explorer is in development


https://getfaircoin.net (Buy FairCoins directly with credit card, paypal or wire transfer)
https://bitsquare.io/ (The decentralised exchange)



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Realtime network data:

Connected nodes: 33
Money supply: 52915065.073538