Why forking does not matter FairCoin

On August 1st afternoon, the Bitcoin Cash (BCC) fork has happened. Their clients do not accept any block with a height greater than 478558 from the BTC network. BCC requires the block 478559 to bigger than 1MB to be accepted. The hash rate in the BCC network is unknown, we expected the first unique block in the BCC network to be mined in some days. Now we have several forked BitCoins.

FairCoin Migration successful!

On July 18th, 217 at 18:07 CEST all coins have been transferred from the old to the new blockchain. Block 160 of the blockchain shows this specific payload (in 14 transactions). Now we run the first Proof-of-Cooperation blockchain!  7 chain admins and 13 CVNs have been added, 3 more are pending.

Bittrex was following our change and accepted sells and buys again after 19:00.

PoC detailled migration schedule

On July 18th 2017, at 10:00 CEST the new blockchain will start. Shortly after that chain admins can download the final release of the FairCoin2 wallet. The FairCoin2 wallet we've been using so far can not be used as it is beta software and does not work on the real blockchain.

Deflation in FairCoin: good or bad?

This weekend we had the opportunity to present FairCoin at the "Smart Country ThinkCamp" in the rural area Südburgenland in the village Bildein at the Austrian / Hungarian border. A question about deflation came up: If we stop coin supply with FC2, how could we also stop deflation? If there is (and hopefully will be) increasing demand for FairCoins, people will keep their FairCoins rather then spend it, as products will get cheaper in future.

FairCoin launching Proof-of-Cooperation on July 18th

After two years of preparation and a lot of testing, FairCoin is now ready to move from Proof-of-Stake to the Proof-of-Cooperation mechanism. 

Ever wondered why Bitcoin consumes so much electricity? And why it is controlled by only few huge mining farms? The blockchain hype is creating many new coin alternatives, but only few have a real user community. FairCoin is driven by open source experts and used on all continents for real purchases.

FairCoin is rising!

FairCoin Market demand in April2017

After almost 2 years, where all users of FairCoin, have been accustomed to an exchange rate of 0,05 € (20 Faircoin = 1 €), FairCoop' assembly has decided to raise that to 0,0667 € (15 FairCoin = 1 €) and after another market demand peak to 1:10 (10 FairCoin = 1 €).


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